Fire Extinguisher Stands

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Tiger Supplies’ Fire Extinguisher Stands have been designed for the free-standing location of your fire extinguishers. We have a quality selection of single and double extinguisher stands. They are ideal at workplaces where the wall-mounting of fire extinguishers would be unsuitable. 

Here at Tiger Supplies, we aim to provide you with both the information and the quality products you need to keep your workplace safe. Fire stands are essential fire safety accessories as they will allow you to place your fire extinguishers exactly where they are needed. They are all in line with UK fire safety legislation. 

Importance of Fire Extinguisher Stands

It is a legal requirement that every business premises be equipped with a fire extinguisher. Installation of fire extinguishers should prevent them from being easily moved. Safety equipment of this type is essential, and its location should be consistent in case of an emergency. Thus, fire extinguishers must all be wall-mounted, or installed on a free-standing stand.

That is why at Tiger Supplies, we aim to provide a quality range of fire extinguisher stands. These stands will suit each type of fire extinguisher and the layout of your premises.

Types of Stands available

These stands can come in different styles and colours, to make it as easy as possible for you to find the fire safety equipment. This can work well with the layout of your workplace and design scheme and provides the maximum safety benefits.

At Tiger Supplies,  we provide stands in red because it is the most visible colour.

Our Single Fire Extinguisher Stands have been manufactured as a non-GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) construction. This model features a skirting board cut out to allow this to be put right up to the wall. An advantage of this design is that it can take any size of portable extinguisher and can hold extinguishers up to 12kg.

Depending on your needs, you can choose between the single model and the double model. The Double Fire Extinguisher Stand has been also manufactured as a non-GRP construction, and it has a skirting board cut out as well. This model can hold two fire extinguishers up to 12kg.

Benefits of Fire Stands

  1. Our stands will protect your workers and site

If the extinguishers are not stored correctly, many safety problems could arise. Your colleagues and workplace will be protected with a stand, making fire safety equipment easy to find.

  1. Fire Extinguisher Stands are easy to locate

When an emergency occurs, workers need easy access to equipment. However, if they do not know what they are looking for or where the equipment is, this can have a negative impact on site safety and waste valuable time. 

Our range of Fire Safety products includes Fire Trolleys, Cabinets and Covers, and Fire Safety Accessories. If you have any questions about fire protection and our range of Fire Extinguisher Stands, do not hesitate to contact the sales team. Call us on 0844 848 3444 or email us at