Fire Alarms & Detectors

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Lives can be saved by installing fire detection devices. At Tiger Supplies, we offer a quality selection of fire alarms and fire detectors to ensure that you and those around you are alerted in the event of a fire. 

Fire alarm systems

Most fires can be prevented. To prevent fires in workplaces and facilities where people have access, employers, building and property managers must adopt proper behaviour and procedures.

The first automatic alarm system was patented in 1890, and a decade later, the first heat and smoke detection systems were developed in England. Later on, the first battery-powered smoke alarms appeared in 1965. Smoke alarms and fire alarms are required in residential and commercial buildings.

Detecting fires and alerting both occupants and emergency services is the primary purpose of a fire alarm system. In addition to monitoring themselves, these systems can detect problems with connections and wiring that might prevent them from functioning properly. Usually, fire detection systems have 4 main functions: detection, alert, monitoring, and control.

There are different fire alarm systems available. Depending on the structure of the location, you may require one of the 3 main types of howler:

  1. Unlinked or standalone fire alarm systems are suitable for small areas or buildings 
  2. Linkable fire alarm systems via cable are most suitable for large areas or buildings.
  3. Linkable wireless alarm systems are ideal for large areas and buildings as there is no need to connect via cable.

One of our best recommendations is the Evacuator Synergy Wireless Base Station with Battery that is interlinkable and connects up to 40 units. It features a numbered display that pinpoints fire location, has a low battery warning, and when used with call points, offers location guidance of the activated unit. This model provides the ability to test multiple call points and battery levels from the base station.

Smoke detectors

This device triggers an alarm as soon as smoke is detected. Our smoke detectors can send out sound and light alarm signals in the early stage of a fire if properly installed and maintained. They are ideal for household or similar residential application use.

Fire Safety Procedures

We recommend that you follow these safety procedures that could save your life:

  • Do not delay saving valuables.
  •  Do not investigate the fire.
  •  Crawl on the floor if there is smoke because the air is cleaner near the floor.
  •  When you are on the floor, put your nose as low as possible. You must remember that smoke is toxic.
  •  As you go out, only open the doors you need to and close any open doors you can to slow the spread of fire.
  •  Feel the doors with the back of your hand before you open them. If they are warm do not open them because the fire is probably on the other side.
  •  If you are escaping with other individuals, stay together if you can. 
  •  Once you are out of the dangerous area, urgently call 999.
  •  Do not go back into the fire.

If you have any questions about fire protection and our range of Fire Alarms & Detectors, don’t hesitate to contact the sales team.