Compostable Cups & Straws

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We can help you be more sustainable. That is why, at Tiger Supplies, we provide eco-friendly products, such as Compostable Cups and Straws that will help you reduce plastic consumption. 

Our range of Compostable Cups & Straws has been approved under our Project Kaiyo™ initiative, which aims to raise awareness among businesses. Thanks to this initiative, the following environmentally friendly targets have been achieved:

  • Reduction of Plastic Consumption
  • Environmental protection
  • Sustainability

Our range of Kaiyo Compostable Single-Use Cups & Straws is varied, which will allow you to choose the option that best suits your needs.

For instance, the Kaiyo PLA Compostable Clear Water Cups are made from sustainable & renewable plant-based material PLA. This product conforms to EN 13432 standards and is:

  • plastic free
  • biodegradable 
  • suitable for water coolers, volume catering and medical dental purposes

The Kaiyo Compostable Bamboo Cup is another eco-friendly product made of compostable bamboo and single-coated PLA. They are suitable for hot drinks.

Another Kaiyo alternative is the Vegware Kaiyo Kraft Sleeve, which is great for use with hot drink cups for added heat protection. These sleeves have been made from recycled cards and have been sustainably sourced.

To cater to a larger number of people on construction sites, we recommend Paper Cone Cups that come in a pack of 5,000. Suitable for water and other cold drinks, these cone-shaped cups are designed to be space-saving and reduce waste in your canteen, reception area or shared kitchen. Each paper cup has a 67.4mm diameter with a rolled rim for additional strength and a height of 88.6mm.

Some drinks require straws, and Kaiyo PLA 5mm Straws are perfect for this. These black biodegradable flexible straws are plastic free, made from sustainable and renewable plant-based material (PLA) which meets all European regulations. Kaiyo PLA 5mm Straws conform to EN 13432 standards. This product is supplied in boxes of 250.  

What are PLA and CPLA?

Plant sugars are used to create polylactic acid. This is a compostable bioplastic derived from plant sugars, such as:

  • Corn starch
  • Cassava
  • Sugar cane 
  • Sugar beet

PLA is made with the glucose extracted from the starch. The fermentation of starch produces lactic acid, which will be transformed into a polymer useful for a huge range of applications, including Eco-Friendly Cups and Straws.

CPLA stands for crystallised CPLA and is ideal for higher heat use. PLA has a low melt point, but CPLA has more heat resistance. 

Our team works hard to help more and more businesses become economically and environmentally sustainable as possible. Thus, we always strive to add more items to our range. And you can rest assured they comply with the necessary standards.

We can help you be more sustainable. Check out our vast range of Eco-Friendly Canteen & Welfare products, which include Compostable Tableware and Compostable Cutlery. 

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