Eco Friendly Traffic Management

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Traffic management is a crucial aspect of urban planning. As our cities grow, the need for effective and sustainable traffic management becomes increasingly important. Eco-friendly traffic management solutions play a vital role in reducing congestion and improving safety while minimising environmental impact.

The primary objective of traffic management is to create a safe environment for drivers, pedestrians, and workers. On construction sites, where multiple vehicles and individuals coexist, effective traffic management is paramount.

Traffic Management Products for Road and On-Site

To maintain safety and order, Tiger Supplies offers a comprehensive range of  Eco- Friendly Traffic Management products. These include:

1. Pedestrian Barriers

Pedestrian barriers are vital components of eco-friendly traffic management. These traffic barriers help separate pedestrian walkways from vehicular traffic, enhancing safety for pedestrians and road users. By providing a safety barrier, they reduce the risk of accidents and create a clear delineation between different modes of transportation.

2. Traffic Separators

Traffic separators are essential for guiding traffic and preventing collisions. They create clear boundaries and direct vehicles along the desired paths.

3. Speed Bumps

 Speed bumps are an effective way to control vehicle speed within construction sites. By encouraging drivers to slow down, speed bumps significantly reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

4. Road Cones

These versatile tools serve multiple purposes, including redirecting traffic, marking off construction zones, and guiding drivers through temporary changes in road layouts. Eco-friendly road cones made from recycled materials offer a sustainable alternative to conventional ones.

5. Rubber Blocks 

Rubber blocks are gaining popularity in eco-friendly traffic management. Often made from recycled tyres, rubber blocks provide a durable and resilient solution for road safety. These blocks are often used to create speed bumps, lane dividers, and parking stops, contributing to improved traffic flow and accident prevention.

6. Oxford Safekerb Ramps

Oxford Safekerb ramps are innovative and eco-friendly solutions designed to improve accessibility for pedestrians and wheelchair users. These ramps are made from sustainable materials and offer a safer alternative to traditional kerb ramps. They are designed to prevent accidents by ensuring a smooth transition between roads and footpaths.

We recommend our Oxford Safekerb Ramp. With its effective anti-slip surface and raised sides, this ramp ensures secure access, providing you with peace of mind.

Sustainable Materials in Traffic Management

Sustainability is a key consideration in eco-friendly traffic management. The use of sustainable materials, such as recycled plastics, bio-based composites, and reclaimed metals, reduces the environmental impact of traffic infrastructure. These materials offer comparable strength and durability while minimising resource depletion and waste generation.

Preventing injuries and accidents on construction sites

The law requires construction sites to be organised in such a way as to ensure the safe movement of vehicles and pedestrians. This includes cars, vans, lorries, low loaders, and various types of mobile plants. By implementing the appropriate traffic management products, the risk of injuries and accidents can be reduced.

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